All To Know About Kwetu Education Services

We are a team of proffessional Kiswahili Teachers who teach the language, translate content, interprete into the language and also supply kiswahili language learning materials at the most favourable prices.

  • At Kwetu, you will learn to speak Kiswahili fluently.
  • At Kwetu, we eliminate language barrier with direct and proper translations
  • At Kwetu, we can interprete and elaborate on content in kiswahili.
  • At Kwetu, get reliable kiswahili learning content from our team with experience and extraordinary development of the language.

Kwetu Mradi a partner company of Kwetu Kiswahili Services company as the following the objectives:

  • To carry out the business of facilitating the teaching of Kiswahili in the region.
  • To carry out a number of language services including editing, translations and interpreting the various content.
  • To develop, produce and supply language reading materials.
  • To preserve and enhance the visibility of Kiswahili culture, tradition in the community.

At the end of any of our course, we believe and guarantee that you will be able to pronounce, read, write, converse and express yourself in Kiswahili Language.




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